Prevention is always better than cure: What if you could get a free synopsis about your company’s performance in just 4 minutes?

In my previous article about value-based pricing, I mentioned that one of the 12 factors that determine the value of a motorcycle is its service history.

I wrote, “a timely serviced bike suggests a very different proposition to one with no service history.”

And I’m sure you are all in agreement that good periodic service maintains the value of your pride and joy and thus increases the selling price of your bike.

Besides, periodic service not only increases value, but also enhances performance. Regular maintenance of the motorcycle helps optimize its performance, reliability, safety, and durability.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Hence, proper care for your motorcycle requires some extra effort on your end and few bucks, prevents breakdowns and failures and ensures performance and cosmetic conditions are top-notch.

Yet, does your business require servicing?

Would that have any implication on its performance?

When was the last check-up you did for your company?

If your business is struggling for growth for whatever reason, and you can’t seem to get it past that hump. If you have got to a stage where the old solutions no longer work. If you feel like your systems and processes got your business to where it is now, because nobody likes to disturb a system that works, inertia sat in. And despite the efficiency, you not only stopped increasing revenues and profitability but also started shrinking it.

A service might be due!

Find out where you stand and explore what’s likely to be holding you back from growing, test the below self-assessment scorecard. It is designed by experts to help you discover your most significant risks and quickest wins.

It takes less than five minutes to get your answers, plus it’s free, and you get the option of a complimentary tailored consultation session from 2Y3X’s global expert team:

I hope it is helpful, informative, and thought-provoking. If you have any questions, reach out to me through, always happy to chat freely.


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