“How to identify superstars?”

September 29, 2020

By Georges R. Chakar


The Intimate Interest.

In her third question Mia McTigue-Rodriguez from The 2Y3X Programme she asked me: How do you encourage and support leaders to identify their #Aplayers or #Superstars? What makes a team member a superstar? My answer below, what is yours?

My #Belief: As human beings, we are all born equal. We are all naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, then life happens and people build different perspectives, mindsets, skills, approaches, etc. Some will have the ability to respond, and some to react.

The #Context: Therefore, we all can be A-players if we find interest in what we are doing if our passion is there, hence sometimes an A-player could differ dependent on the context, whereby she/he can be an A-player in one context and at the same time a C-player in another.

The #Aplayers: Therefore, I encourage leaders to identify people with purpose, passion, who love competition and performance, and most importantly who finds an #INTIMATE #INTEREST in what they are recruited for.

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