“What does success mean, look, or feel like to you?”

September 18, 2020

By Georges R. Chakar


In a recent interview with Mia McTigue-Rodriguez from the 2Y3X organisation, she asked me “What does #success mean, look, or feel like to you? Below was my answer, what is yours?”

First, I stated the obvious: Achieving a certain pre-set goal, such as health, relationships, financial, career…

Second, was a reflection: It is #Celebration. I often forget to celebrate small achievements, as I take things for granted. For example, success could simply be being consistent in a morning ritual, looking good, feeling good, having a great family, building a great corporate culture, and the list goes on. If I have been consistent in waking up in the morning around 5 am to do some exercise followed by #meditation and journaling, this is a success. The fact that I am #consistent is a success. Therefore, I should not forget to celebrate small successes because this will lead to big ones.

Third, what it means to me: It is enjoying the journey, learning from failure, trusting to the process, and not just focusing on the outcome. It is when being on #purpose and honoring my #values with everything I am doing. It is Knowing that I Impacted people, communities, corporates positively, and when I receive feedback that I triggered a #transformation in a way or another.

Looking to write your own success? get in touch on email: georges.chakar@localhost


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