Is Speed the new Scale? Will speed slow you down?

Many CEOs and entrepreneurs are asking questions about Scaling at Speed and how these two could work together.

  1. Am I moving fast enough?
  2. Will speed slow us down or distract us?
  3. Will Speed create sustainability?
  4. Will I be able to slow down and take a breath?
  5. What’s the endgame?

It is not necessarily easy to answer the above questions in short; however, if Scaling at Speed is your goal, then your mindset will be wired accordingly and will push you to see all the necessary avenues to serve that goal. You will make your utmost efforts, build the right team, use the required tools and get the necessary external help.

Setting a Clear Goal

It all starts with setting a clear goal; it was necessary before Covid-19 and is now even more crucial as we bounce back from the pandemic. In the latest webinar, “Strategic goal setting with 2Y3X“, I spoke with Felix Velarde, author of Scale at Speed – how to triple the size of your business and build a superstar team – in more detail about taking clients from the ‘end goal’ to today, working backwards to identify what needs to happen each year for them to succeed and to scale at Speed.

Many things have changed in the last 18 months, and we are at a critical junction to re-evaluate, decide on a clear vision and ask what we want? It goes like that if your goals are apparent, time-bound, and if you are committed to it, then you are on the right track.

In a recent interview with Mia Rodrigez of the 2Y3X, I spoke about the importance of goal setting as step one and how it serves our focus in a laser pointer approach. “The first thing that comes to mind is goal setting. When you identify your goals, you are creating focus by default. And when you create focus, you immediately create priorities. This then leads to the less important tasks falling down your list organically, so your attention can remain where it needs to be. This also reminds us to enjoy the journey and to reward each other each step of the way, so we don’t reach goals with overworked and unhappy teams.”

 Create Checkpoints

It’s true that Speed can sometimes create anxiety and panic or overexcitement, which can backfire. So there should be checkpoints, milestones along the way to keep that focus going. These are essential times for reflecting, celebrating wins – both big and small. These moments are for acknowledging all the efforts so far and assessing what needs changing to keep improving.

Think of the short-distance marathons, where runners start slow and increase their pace, slowing along the way for hydration breaks and check-ups. It’s processes and tools like this which create stamina. They help you to survive and to reach the finish line.

Sometimes it’s not about just exiting; it’s about creating sustainability beyond that goal that you reached.

 How to Treat Scale?

It is essential that you treat “Scale” as a particular and unique speciality, empower a team that leads it, build a culture that encourages it, followed by the proper governance in place. If you make that your day to day work, then your company will achieve Scale at Speed, and certainly, your competitors will struggle to match it, and you will be able to sustain your competitive advantage. Stay tuned to my next article to know more about how this process works.

I know that Speed is not always synonymous with sustainability. What 2Y3X does is creating sustainability within Scale and Speed by utilizing a robust set of tested and proven frameworks. To know more about the 2Y3X Programme and get help to Scale your business at Speed, reach out at

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