Our coaching program for startups is designed specially to empower young entrepreneur to realize their dreams, and guide them to step into their full potential. We drive the relationship into a collaborative approach to groom young leaders in their startup journey in order to create a business model that can be totally monetized.

How do we do it?


Our mentors guide young entrepreneurs, through giving them technical and practical advices starting from identifying the “WHY” that will be serving a specific business need, helping them to have the competitive advantage and creating the unique proposition.


Through workshops and trainings, we provide startups with the right tools and skills to further develop and grow, in order to be able to create the necessary business plans, growth strategies and most importantly navigate through the day to day challenges of operation.


We guide young entrepreneurs into building a business model that is attractive to investors. We equip them with the needed knowledge on how to approach financing in different stages, hrough appealing to angel investors, venture capitalists and institutional investors.


Through the development of various marketing strategies and the utilization of the latest tools, we help startups to create a unique customer journey to not only acquire clientele but also gain market share and drive scalability to ensure long-term viability and growth.


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