Value proposition experts

An outstanding proposition should ring like a bell. Yet, most companies struggle to stand out. And in a rush to recapture market share, what your customers see and how that matches their needs makes the difference between success and failure.

It’s impossible to nail a proposition without outside help to get it over the line and – crucially – get everyone’s buy-in.

Establishing competitive differentiation is the starting point for most of the ambitious businesses we work with. We believe the clarity of proposition is a critical success factor for companies that achieve stellar growth.

The two-day intensive proposition development workshops cost £8,400. We guarantee the results.

“It is being embraced across the company because it speaks to what is at the heart of Beyond and people recognise themselves in it. This is the orchestration they provide – they take you deeper into the values of the organisation and into what drives people to find a proposition with purpose, which also rightly identifies you in the market.”

Jess Tyrell, Managing Director, Beyond


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